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What to Expect in Therapy – Explore How Your Life Can Be Changed

women thinking about what she can expect in therapy
Do you want to find out what to expect in therapy? Therapy is the beginning of a whole new way to think, feel and live. Our team at The Family Therapy Center of West Broward, Florida experiences this daily.

  • Your therapist will help you identify areas of your life that may need adjustment and assist you with developing a plan for improving them.
  • He or she will also provide you with the tools, structure, and personal support you need and guide you through every step of the process.
  • Your therapist will also help you identify limiting beliefs and behaviors and help you rediscover and use your strengths, talents and assets, so you can achieve your loftiest dreams.

4 Important Solutions You Can Expect From Therapy

While we at The Family Therapy of West Broward in Broward County, FL understand that arriving at a decision to seek therapy is a tough one.  As you begin to understand what to expect in therapy, we sincerely hope you choose to move forward, because we’ve personally witnessed the tremendous and sustainable gains our clients have achieved, such as the following:

  1. Profoundly altered clarity – one that allows them to see new possibilities and remember that they can make honest choices without fear.
  2. The end of debilitating behaviors and patterns perpetuated from one generation to another – Many of our clients tell us that in addition to the benefits they’ve personally derived from therapy, they also receive tremendous pleasure knowing that they’ve ended unhealthy familial behaviors that would have plagued their children and grandchildren.
  3. An increased comfort level in openly expressing their emotions – even when others are uncomfortable with those feelings.  Your therapist will help make you comfortable and give you a clear idea of what to expect in therapy.
  4. Freedom from the unjustified guilt and shame they experienced prior to treatment – During therapy, our well trained, empathetic, and non-judgmental licensed therapists encourage our clients to express themselves openly and shed needless and unproductive self-reproach.

Some examples of the types of issues that are often treated at our office include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • We’ve helped clients become better listeners and be heard more often; end reactive, unproductive, and cyclical patterns of behaviors; manage themselves better through troubled times.
  • Our therapists have also successfully counseled clients struggling to cope with added stress from unexpected crises, such as infidelity, illness, infertility, unemployment, or loss of a child or loved one.
  • We’ve even shown clients how to rebuild their lives after enduring years of trauma associated with issues like substance abuse, sexual incompatibility, disagreements over child rearing, and prolonged financial difficulties.
  • We have saved thousands of our clients from the pain of separation, and even provided divorcing couples with road maps designed to guide them through their transitions in healthy, collaborative, and dignified manners.

Know that you have a sense of what to expect in therapy, the next step is to get started on a path of life changing results and take your first step towards a better future, contact us today.

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