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Substance Abuse Counseling – Treating Your Mind, Body And Soul

woman abusing substances before substance abuse counseling in broward county flOur substance abuse counseling in Broward County, Florida provides you the healing and help you need with substance abuse. The Family Therapy Center of West Broward’s outpatient substance abuse programs in South Florida provide affordable and effective treatment for individuals suffering from addiction.

Substance abuse is one of the most devastating destructive forces in a person’s life and needs to be addressed with professional assistance.


What our patients say:

“Some people think they can heal on their own. And maybe some can. But most of us have trouble sorting out feelings and where they come from. Dr. Kane helps by gently guiding you through the process to finding yourself again and building on that for a better life and future.” – Linda, Cooper City

“I have no words adequate enough to convey my sincerest gratitude for the patience, kindness, understanding and counsel he has given my daughter and me. For anyone, no matter the age, who needs some help to sort out sadness, anger, depression, substance abuse and other challenges we face where we need a professional’s guidance, Dr. Kane can certainly help you. He is a godsend in a crazy world.”


3 Things You Want To Know About Our Substance Abuse Counseling Programs

women laughing and talking together after substance abuse counseling in broward county floridaIn treatment, addiction-related issues are addressed along with clinically-based methods designed to conquer the effects of addiction.


  1. Our outpatient substance abuse counseling and treatment is a perfect alternative for clients to receive the help they need, while continuing to take care of family or work-related responsibilities.
  2. Treatment is a gradual process.
  3. We want to ensure that our clients are fully prepared to deal with the emotional ups and downs of early recovery and feel confident in their ability to do what is necessary to maintain their sobriety.


What our patients say:

“I attended substance abuse treatment for the 1st time in my life this past year. I was expecting an uncomfortable, awkward experience. What I found was completely different than what I expected. During my 6 months in therapy, Dr. Kane helped me work through my addiction one step at a time. He is compassionate and is highly skilled therapist. I found that the interventions made a difference in my life and the changes have kept me sober for the past 9 months. I will continue to see him every few weeks as I continue on the path to health and wellness. It’s great to be clean. Thank you Dr. Kane!” – Shawn

“I just finished working with Dr. Kane after a year-long bout with substance abuse. I almost lost everything. My marriage and family were completely falling apart and I felt lost. After attending weekly meetings with Dr. Kane I begin to transform my wife. It fees so nice to be free of substances. Dr. Kane has a way of understanding exactly where you are coming from. He knows what he is doing and helped me leave my miserable life behind for good. Dr. Kane is genuine and truly cares. I will always be thankful to him and the life that he has helped me find. He is a true blessing”. – Bonnie Walsh


Our team at The Family Therapy Center of West Broward in Broward County, FL practices a holistic approach designed to treat the mind, body and soul. Our goal is to provide comprehensive substance abuse treatment that addresses the underlying causes of addiction and teach clients various coping techniques. We understand the importance of a client-centered approach that recognizes the unique issues and challenges that each of our clients must deal with in order to move forward in their recovery process.

For more information or to schedule an initial, complimentary consultation to be part of our Broward County substance abuse counseling in Florida contact us today.

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