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FAQ – Everything You Want To Know Our Therapy And Counseling

women with fingertip on her mouth looking like she is asking herself what questions she has about marriage and couples counselingDr. Kane and his staff at The Family Therapy Center of West Broward in Broward County, Florida are committed to providing the professional help their clients need to start seeing real differences in their everyday lives.

Our team in Broward County is action oriented, in that we know solutions are found not by simply talking about what can be different but by developing an action plan to implement the new knowledge.


Frequently Asked Questions About Marriage Counseling, Couples & Family Therapy, And Our Other Services


  1. Q: How long are therapy sessions?
    1. Standard therapy sessions last 45-50 minutes.
  2. Q: How often do therapy sessions occur?
    1. We find that therapy is most effective when sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis.
  3. Q: How long does it take to obtain an appointment?
    1. It is our policy to schedule an appointment in a week or less in our Broward County locations, as long as your schedule permits.
  4. Q: Is it okay to ask for a change in therapist if I / we are not comfortable with him or her?
    1. Yes. Your therapy will be more effective if you connect with your therapist, so we will gladly make adjustments to ensure that you’re happy.
  5. Q. How much does a session cost?
    1. Although we are a private psychotherapy practice, we do in certain instances reduce our fees.  Our rates are extremely competitive with other private psychotherapy practitioners in Broward County, Florida, and vary based on treatment type and other factors. However, feel free to call us at 954-436-1222, for pricing information specific to your needs.
  6. Q. Does therapy really work?
    1. Yes! Therapy absolutely works when experienced, caring, therapists work with motivated clients, who are willing to put time, energy, and work into the therapeutic process.
    2. As a matter of fact, Consumer Reports published an article with their conclusions after conducting an extensive independent survey of psychotherapy clients. A startling 90% of the 4,000 respondents reported that they were doing substantially better after treatment. What’s more, researchers found that individuals who were treated with psychotherapy alone achieved the same results as those treated with medication and therapy. A copy of this article can be read at:
  7. Q. How long does therapy take?
    1. Our clients’ progress at varying rates, and the duration of their therapy depends upon several factors, such as the number and complexity of their issues; how long their unhealthy patterns have been in place; and their level of motivation and commitment to the healing process.
  8. Q. What kinds of therapy are offered?
    1. In addition to offering individual therapy, marriage counseling and couples therapy, we also provide specialized substance abuse therapy as well as court ordered therapy sessions.

For further information, please feel free to review the GENERAL SERVICES or ONLINE SERVICES provided at our Center.

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