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Learn How To Deal With Domestic Violence By Changing Abusive Patterns

woman with bruises before domestic violence programs in broward county floridaOur domestic violence programs in Broward County, FL come with a 26-week domestic violence class that will help you change abusive patterns in an atmosphere that is caring, compassionate, and safe.

The Effects Of Violence At Home And How Our Programs Can Help You To Change

Domestic violence is problem that can result in complications in your life.  If your family and loved ones are important to you than it is impossible not to notice the affect that violent behavior has in their lives. Violent behavior, if untreated, will destroy your family and cause pain that can last a lifetime.

What if you continue down the road of violence and pretend everything is okay?   Your loved ones will live a life of turmoil without peace and tranquility.  Is that the way you want to be remembered?   If you love your family and are willing to be honest with yourself you will find it very difficult to pretend everything is okay.  The tears of pain and sadness will create memories that your loved ones (and you) will never forget.   So, are you ready to begin to head down a new path?  Are you willing to be honest with yourself and give your loved ones the warmth and stability they deserve?
The first step in changing violent behavior is to understand the role and impact in your life.

Domestic violence can be any of the following behaviors:

  • Emotional abuse such as calling your partner names.
  • Controlling their partner’s everyday life
  • Blaming your partner when things go wrong
  • Humiliating your partner in public or when with friends and family
  • Manipulating their partner
  • Acting jealous and isolating their partner from friends and family
  • Secretly monitoring their partner through technology or other means so that the abuser seems to have omnipresence and know everything about their partner
  • Switching from violent behavior to kind behavior in order to regain trust of their partner
  • Controlling the family money
  • Forcing their partner to have sex
  • Physical abusing your partner by pinching, poking, slapping, biting, pushing, punching)


What our patients say:

couple eating lunch together after domestic violence counseling in Broward County Florida“I really don’t know where to begin because Dr. Kane class has taught me so many things, like how to take control of my action and that no matter what is happening, you still have to hold yourself in total control. He makes you really look at yourself and your actions. But most of all what caused me to be in his class. I do thank him for what I’m taking away from this. The assignments that was presented to us made the class think about how to respond to others and I’m truly thank for this I’ve learn that I can overcome all things and will never let anyone control my action”. – Ed


In the Domestic Violence Program participants will learn:

  • Effective Communication
  • Body Awareness
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Positive Relationship Skills
  • Self-Trust
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stress Reduction


At the 26-week Domestic Violence Program at Family Therapy Center of West Broward in Broward County, FL, you will learn behavioral alternatives that stop the cycle of violence and grow in ways that enable them to live their lives free of violence and abuse.

Participants will find new ways to establish healthy and productive ways to communicate in a relationship.   Learning and developing new skills can create a healthy, stable relationship.

The first step in making a change is asking for help.   If you are ready to make are change, we are here to help! Contact us for your complimentary, 15 min consultation!

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