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How You Can Be More Of A Family Again With Our Family Therapy

parents discussing while girl is sad before family therapy in broward county floridaOur family therapy in Broward County, Florida focuses on the goal to help your family to be more of a family again. The family can be the biggest source of support, comfort, joy and love. At times, it can also be your greatest source of strain and grief.  At The Family Therapy Center of West Broward, FL we know our family members, and they know us, better than almost anyone.  The family is often our first and most lasting connection to the world. Family relationships influence a person’s development and well-being.  Although the people in the family may remain the same, the way each relates to one another does not. The relationships change as different members of the family grow and change. However, not all members of the family are always ready for the changes at the same time.

What Opportunities Provide Our Family Therapy To Your Family?

happy family after family therapy in broward county floridaOver time, as a family changes, there are opportunities for wonderful joy as well as occasional deep pain. A health crisis, marital struggle, mental illness, work problems or teenage rebellion may threaten to tear your family apart.  When those more painful times come, the counselors at The Family Therapy Center of West Broward in Broward County, Florida can help your family be more of a family again.

  • Therapy can help your family weather the storms that can have a devastating effect.
  • Family therapy can help patch strained relationships, teach new coping skills and improve how your family works together.
  • Whether it’s you, your partner, a child or even a sibling or parent who’s in crisis, family therapy can help all of you communicate better and develop new behavioral patterns.


What our patients say:

“Dr..Kane is one of the most genuine and kind people I know. He cares about his patients and is such a wonderful counselor. Therapy is a challenging process and is different for each person. He has helped me so much since I first started going to him after the sudden death of our teenage son. Losing a child is the most devastating event in a family’s life and does change the dynamics of every relationship. Keeping a family, marriage and siblings together and strong takes a lot of love, understanding, time and counsel.”


At The Family Therapy Center of West Broward, FL you will work with a family therapist and have the opportunity to:

  • Examine your family’s ability to solve problems and express thoughts and emotions.
  • Explore family roles, rules and behavior patterns in order to spot issues that contribute to conflict.
  • Pinpoint your specific concerns and assess how your family is handling them.
  • Learn new ways to interact and overcome old problems.
  • Set individual and family goals and work on ways to achieve them as a family.

Once a family learns new ways of communicating, there will be more compassion and understanding. Starting therapy with a family therapist can be one of the best things you do when your family is experiencing difficulty. You can begin to heal emotional wounds, come to understand one another better and restore a sense of harmony you may not have felt for a long time.

So, if you are ready to heal old wounds and have a happier family than begin the healing process today.  The Family Therapy Center of West Broward in Broward County, FL is just a phone call away! Contact us also for your complimentary, 15 min consultation.

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