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Couples Therapy – Bringing You Happiness And Peace You Are Seeking

couple getting married after couples therapy in Broward County in Florida
Our couples therapy in Broward County, FL is one of many great programs we offer to our residents in Broward County. You find here the solution you are seeking to bring happiness, fulfillment and peace back in your life.

  1. Are you having difficulties communicating to your loved one?
  2. Have you felt emotionally disconnected from your relationship and unsure how to turn things around?
  1. Are conflicts with your partner painful and result in screaming, yelling, blaming, or by giving the cold shoulder?
  2. Do you worry that your partner may leave you?
  3. Have you thought about just settling for the way things are or even throwing in the towel and leaving your partner?
The good news for residents in Broward County, Florida is that our team at The Family Therapy Center of West Broward offers solutions that can help your relationship recapture and rebuild the love that has been lost.  Did you know that conflict, when handled appropriately, can result in greater intimacy?

couple fighting before couples therapy in broward county flIf you are sick and tired of having the same old fights, it may be time to think about heading in a new direction.
Couples therapy can empower you to communicate more effectively and work through disagreements. You can learn to handle your conflicts, to resolve past wounds with understanding and tenderness.

What you are going through might be an opportunity for growth and change! You can learn to create an environment that will allow intimacy, trust and romance to flourish.

We can help to resolve relationship conflicts by:

  • Developing effective ways to share your feelings and have your partner “hear” you.
  • Identify negative patterns that hinder the quality of your relationship and developing new ways of communicating.
  • Help replace resentment and contempt with patience and love.
  • Find way to stop blaming each other and work through problems without power struggles.
  • Lessen arguments and find healthy ways or resolving disagreements.
  • Recapture romance and develop a strong, passionate love that will nourish your relationship.
  • Stop the pain and start the healing with solutions that lead to a stronger relationship.

In our couple’s therapy sessions in Broward County, FL you will have the opportunity to set aside time to talk without interruption so that a real understanding of one another can take place. Many couples find that they are able to talk about things they were never able to express.  In therapy, couples often get used to new ways of relating that they are able to continue on their own. Couples therapy can provide a forum for honest and direct discussion in which each person is able to feel heard and understood.
Couples therapy is a decision that most people tend to put off until problems become severe and the relationship is experiencing pain for a long time.  Ignoring the problem and hoping it will “go away” does not work and just ensures that the relationship will deteriorate over time.  In fact, most couples wait an average of six years before seeking help from a couple’s therapist.

Don’t wait. Seek help nowScheduling an appointment with a qualified, trained couple’s therapist is the first step.

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