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E-Book “12 Best Kept Secrets To A Fulfilling Relationship”

cover of relationship advice, showing a couple with the back to us and holding hands, book by Dr Jeffrey Kane
Dr. Jeff Kane, founder and CEO of Family Therapy Center, is a speaker in the area of relationship advice and the author of the “12 Best Kept Secrets to a Fulfilling Relationship” – an e-book just released in August 2013.

Buy Dr Kane’s relationship advice book now and explore yourself how you can create a more fulfilling relationship with your loved ones.

What Makes This Relationship Book So Special?

  • The book provides the reader with the ingredients for maintaining and growing a relationship.
  • The “secrets” that are shared provide a glimpse into why relationships often do not live up to your expectations and how strong feelings can change so dramatically over time.
  • The reader explores ways to recapture the emotional connection when it has faded away and offers a new road to recovery.
  • Along the way, there are practical solutions shared that work and make a difference in a relationship.  In addition, there are fun exercises for couples to participate in to grow and enhance their relationship.
  • This book is a useful handbook and a “must have” in all relationships.

Currently, Dr. Kane is working on a new, exciting, life-changing program that will alter the way couples understand their relationships. During his eighteen years of working with couples, he has uncovered some organic ingredients and fundamental tools that he has used with clients to help them create and maintain spark in their relationships.

Dr. Kane is excited about sharing these insights with you and seeing how these ingredients can change the nature of your relationship.  So, if you are ready to wake up your sleepy relationship, jump on board and get ready to take a ride into uncharted territory.  There will be lots of insights, surprises and “ah hah” moments around the corner.  So, put your seat belt on and take this journey into a new world of understanding relationships.

It’s all about the “spark” – keeping things fresh, alive and exciting!  

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